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H2O: New Tides| Chapter 8 by Cerulaen H2O: New Tides| Chapter 8 :iconcerulaen:Cerulaen 0 0 H2O: New Tides| Chapter 7 by Cerulaen H2O: New Tides| Chapter 7 :iconcerulaen:Cerulaen 0 2 H2O: New Tides| Chapter 6 by Cerulaen H2O: New Tides| Chapter 6 :iconcerulaen:Cerulaen 1 0 H2O: New Tides| Chapter 5 by Cerulaen H2O: New Tides| Chapter 5 :iconcerulaen:Cerulaen 1 0 H2O: New Tides| Chapter 4 by Cerulaen H2O: New Tides| Chapter 4 :iconcerulaen:Cerulaen 1 0 H2O: New Tides| Chapter 3 by Cerulaen H2O: New Tides| Chapter 3 :iconcerulaen:Cerulaen 1 0 H2O: New Tides| Chapter 2 by Cerulaen H2O: New Tides| Chapter 2 :iconcerulaen:Cerulaen 1 4 Graphic Signatures: Teegan Jones by Cerulaen Graphic Signatures: Teegan Jones :iconcerulaen:Cerulaen 1 4
H2O: New Tides| Chapter 1
Chapter 1| Changes
    Daquiri stared out the window of the car as they passed by the unfamiliar scenery on the way to Arroyo Elementary. Farther north, at this time in the seasons, it would’ve been colder and almost all the leaves would have already fallen. But in southern California, it was like it was still the middle of summer. It was great, actually, but under the circumstances, she couldn’t really enjoy it.
    “Are we almost there?” Fox asked, bouncing excitedly in the back seat.
    Daquiri twisted in her seat to look at her little brother. “We’ll be there in a minute, Fox.” She glanced at Arak at the wheel before looking back at Fox. “Do you remember everything we told you this morning?”
    Fox slowly tacked off a list on his fingers, his eyebrows scrunching like he was thinking really hard. “Um…don’t get in fights…don’t eat glue…” he glanced
:iconcerulaen:Cerulaen 1 8
Graphic Signature: Nessa Caelum by Cerulaen Graphic Signature: Nessa Caelum :iconcerulaen:Cerulaen 2 5
The Vault of Time|Chapter I
    “If you’re so loyal to us, then prove it. You do the honors.”
    The white-haired boy looked as expressionless as ever, but she knew better. She could see the crease in his forehead, the twitch of the pulsing veins on his neck--the slight shakiness of his hand. His eyes met hers. There was so much sorrow there. Asking for forgiveness before he even lifted a finger. Begging her to understand. The desire to disappear.
    But knowing he had to do it.
    She shut her eyes tight as the first blow came down.

    Daquiri bolted upright with a gasp. Her breathing was coming hard as she tried to come to her bearings, her eyes darting around trying to figure out where she was.
    She was in bed.
    The Aphrodite cabin was dark.
    She was home.
    Daquiri closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to stop herself from shaking. She hated that dream. She h
:iconcerulaen:Cerulaen 1 2
HAGS Banner by Cerulaen HAGS Banner :iconcerulaen:Cerulaen 1 2
Claimed (Too Late for Titles)
    The grey light of early morning had settled around everything, encasing Camp Half-Blood in a sense of peace and tranquility. Considering it was a camp for the children of gods who were trained to fight monsters to a powdery death, it almost gave the air a tinge of irony.
    Breakfast was one of the few meals Daquiri actually bothered to attend for her first week or so at camp. She still didn’t like the place. And she’d never liked people, so having to eat with every single inhabitant of the camp did not sound like an appealing prospect—especially when it involved sitting with the kids from the Hermes cabin. Breakfast went from six-o-clock to eight-thirty in the morning, however, so she could usually get away with eating fairly alone if she got there early enough. Most of the kids in the camp slept in as late as they could. Daquiri, however, liked the quiet of the mornings.
    Sitting down at one of the tables at random, since
:iconcerulaen:Cerulaen 2 0
PJO OC: Daquiri Laurens
NAME: Daquiri Rose Laurens (duh-KEER-ee) (LAWR-enz)
AGE: 14
MORTAL FAMILY: Tim Laurens (biological father—deceased). No permanent family—a foster child
YEARS IN CAMP: Is new to camp at the beginning of her story.
Hair - Strawberry blonde (red-gold), waist-length hair; naturally straight, and often worn in side French braid or waved crazily
Eyes - Intense blue (change to blue-grey or dark blue depending on the light)
Physique - 5’, curvy, decently large cleavage,  some muscle in arms, naturally muscular legs, thin—toned, but not ripped
Facial - Very pale skin, no freckles, small dimple in chin, heart-shaped mouth, long eyelashes
Makeup - Black-brown mascara, grey eyeliner, sometimes wears lip gloss or tint
CLOTHING STYLE: Very artsy, bold and boho—off-the-shoulder shirts; matelot-style skinny jeans and shorts, and occasionally maxi or high-low skirts; brown co
:iconcerulaen:Cerulaen 4 4
Meetings and Rainbows
  Kylie Donna had been in Artemis’ Hunter ranks for sixteen years. She’d had the honor of being her Lady’s lieutenant six of those years. So, of course she’d been to Camp Half-Blood before. She’d eaten there, slept there, given sacrifices to Artemis and Iris there—she’d even led several Capture the Flag games (winning every time, of course).
  But that did not mean, within any shadow of a doubt, that she liked it there.
  Without fail, there would always be some brave soul of the male persuasion (whether it be a demigod or a satyr) who found courage (or more likely stupidity) in themselves to walk up to her and try to flirt. They were always discouraged in a less than civilized manner, and shunned by her fellow Hunters to boot. But it never failed to foul her mood for the majority of the stay.
  However, Kylie would follow her Lady anywhere, no matter the cost, so it was inevitable that she was at the demigod camp now, visit
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Graphic Signature: Sita Clarke by Cerulaen Graphic Signature: Sita Clarke :iconcerulaen:Cerulaen 5 12


BWHR by userthiago BWHR :iconuserthiago:userthiago 449 26 GRBY by userthiago GRBY :iconuserthiago:userthiago 867 79 N47. by userthiago N47. :iconuserthiago:userthiago 354 22 N59. by userthiago N59. :iconuserthiago:userthiago 324 18 Color palette Meme Percy by MonsieArts Color palette Meme Percy :iconmonsiearts:MonsieArts 95 5 Color palette Calypso by MonsieArts Color palette Calypso :iconmonsiearts:MonsieArts 121 9 Color palette annabeth by MonsieArts Color palette annabeth :iconmonsiearts:MonsieArts 107 7 Color palette Piper by MonsieArts Color palette Piper :iconmonsiearts:MonsieArts 155 16 Repair Boy by MonsieArts Repair Boy :iconmonsiearts:MonsieArts 96 5 11 Sparkle Brushes by intoxicatedvogue 11 Sparkle Brushes :iconintoxicatedvogue:intoxicatedvogue 132 5 Dragonsstaff Family Spread by generalarin Dragonsstaff Family Spread :icongeneralarin:generalarin 4 2 Roman Edition Valentine's: Jupiter by ToBeQuiteFrank Roman Edition Valentine's: Jupiter :icontobequitefrank:ToBeQuiteFrank 13 6 Otto O'Reilly by CattyGrey Otto O'Reilly :iconcattygrey:CattyGrey 1 0 Frank Zhang by Simmy98 Frank Zhang :iconsimmy98:Simmy98 13 4
Jake the Awesome vs. Space Werewolves! In Space!
Our amazing hero, Jake the Awesome travels through space at super speed with his space jetpack! He received a distress signal, and followed it to an abandoned space station... He flew through the empty space halls, searching for the source of the distress signal.
"It's quiet..." Jake said. "Too quiet..."
Suddenly, the lights came on, and Jake was surrounded by gigantic, hairy creatures! "Greetings, space traveler! It's nice to eat you!"
"Who or what are you things?" Jake shouted!
"We are the Spacecanthropes! We prey on innocent space wanderers that are stupid enough to wander into our space territory and respond to our distress signal!"
"Spacecanthropes? More like Space Werewolves!"
The lead Space Werewolf looked annoyed. "Yes... it's like lycanthrope, except in space... spacecanthropes..."
"Well, Space Werewolves, eat this!" Jake fired a space laser and the lead space werewolf disintegrated!
"Oh no! It's our one weakness! Space Silver! Run! Run for your space lives!" The space werewol
:iconnameless-phantom:nameless-phantom 2 2
The Awesome Adventures of Jake! In Space!
Space. It's really big and stuff. Full of danger and bad guys! But there was one hero who stood above the rest! His name was Jake, and he was the most awesome person ever to venture out into the great beyond! This time, the awesome Jake was on a mission to save the Space Princess Andromeses, from the evil Space Dragon, Gargatamor!
Jake flew on his jetpack right into Gargatamor's Space Lair. It was quiet... too quiet. But right near the central power core was the Space Princess. "Oh, where is Space Jake with his awesome Space Jetpack?"
"I'm here, Space Princess Andromeses. Now let's go."
"I don't think so, Space Jake the Awesome." Suddenly from behind the space core flew the Space Dragon Gargatamor! "I knew you would be foolish enough to come here to rescue her! Now I will destroy you both!"
"I don't think so!" Jake flew up on his space jetpack. Gargatamor tried firing space flames at him, but Jake was too quick on his space jetpack. He grabbed the space dragon's tail and threw him into
:iconnameless-phantom:nameless-phantom 10 20



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